LIFT Airborne Technologies

In the age of hypersonics and AI, the technology that pilots and aircrew are asked to operate isn’t like the same warfare equipment from WWI and WWII, when the focus on manual operation of levers and dials was all you needed to do to make a positive impact on the operation of your aircraft, and the survivability of man and machine during dog fights and mission execution.  At LIFT Airborne Technologies we strive to equip the warfighter with a truly state-of-the-art, next generation type of cockpit technology that adds everything and doesn’t subtract anything from the mission at hand, and the chance of victory. Our aircrew helmet systems are developed by and for warfighters with decades of combat experience, tactical and strategic insights in all sorts of airframes and platforms, and the commitment to only provide the very best.  

It’s our honor to make the world’s best aircrews even more competitive, more effective, and provide an edge where that edge makes a difference. 

LIFT Airborne Technologies – Choosing Better.